A J Lowther & Son Ltd under take all size’s of refurbishment projects from the replacement of one rooflight or damaged flashing to a full strip and re-clad, Our project management methods means we have a close working relationship with our clients to ensure that we offer a first class service and affordable solutions.

General Maintenance

A J Lowther and Son Ltd have staff who can carry out all aspects of industrial unit maintenance form fixing rooflights, roof repairs, gutter leaks and gutter cleaning etc. We can also carry out the supply and installation of rubberised gutter liners that can cure a leaky gutter once and for all without the expense and disruption of having to replace an old leaky gutter.


A J Lowther & Son Ltd can carry out the replacement of damaged or old rooflights on all types of industrial buildings, Replacing the rooflights can benefit the building by increasing the amount of light emitted into the work area, this can improve the working environment and secondly less artificial light is required so can save on lighting costs.

Flashing and cladding Repairs

From time to time accidents do happen; we can carry out the replacement of damaged flashings or cladding, we have our own flashing department that can manufacture most types of flashings required for industrial units.

Strip and Re-clad

We can transform your buildings aesthetic appeal as well as increasing the thermal qualities of your premises by removing you old cladding and replacing with new higher efficiency cladding this will also have the added bonus of reducing your running costs on heating.


Along with our solar Photo Voltaic company we can offer a full package of replacing or over cladding your old roof and installing a new PV system.